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I recently posted a review article on Affiliategoto.com about a smartphone application template and business opportunity.  I have provided a link to this article here so you can read about this App and the associated opportunity.

Whilst I am not a fan of multi-level marketing (MLM), the accompanying business opportunity allows you to earn a substantial income through commissions from sales of the app subscriptions.

It is more of an affiliate type arrangement than an MLM as it really doesn’t require you to hold hands of business partners etc. You are pretty much just selling the opportunity along with marketing a mobile device app template subscription.

ICANGET2 mobile app

Mobile Marketing – Real-Time and Targeted.

The bonus is that ICANGET2 is a cheap access to mobile app technology for ANY business, group, club or individuals.

Advertising for small business is costly and often hit and miss. But mobile marketing is target marketing.

You encourage your customers to download your app and then you can keep in contact with them by sending out push notifications to them with specials, deals, information – whatever you choose.

You can even sms them via the mobile app and have real time conversations with them.

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