Think Outside the Cube

We hear of people talking about ‘thinking outside the square’. Well, when it comes to evaluating top small business ideas – in particular in the communications and marketing type areas, we wanted to take it a step further and get our thinking three-dimensional – and start thinking outside the CUBE.

Top small business ideas

Top Small Business Ideas

The types of businesses that we see future value are the ones that are almost considered taboo at the moment.

There was certainly a time, only very recently, where talk of “online marketing” or “affiliate marketing“, were looked on with scepticism and concern.  And business via your smartphone is only just starting to scratch the surface.

Online/mobile businesses were considered to be full of scammers and no hope dreamers…

But the reality is that there are over 2.8billion people accessing the internet, looking for information and looking to spend money. And there are around 7.5 billion people in the world which prove that there is still some way to go before the Internet is saturated.

samsung-793043_640What’s Trending

Another startling figure is that in the 2014-15 retail sales period, ONLINE SALES  accounted for US$1.3 Trillion in total sales – that equates to around 6% of the world’s total Retail purchases for this period. Read more on this here. 

It is estimated that by 2018 the online sales percentage will increase to around 9% of total world sales which represents around US$2.5 Trillion in internet purchases. (Source – eMarketer).

SO – this is not a fad.

And it is also widely predicted that smartphone applications will shortly be the largest medium used for conducting business, marketing and communications. You only have to watch the news to get an understanding of how this new, fast-evolving technology is taking over the world, one cell phone at a time.

Commerce revenue in 2015 in the US was a staggering US$39.4 billion  and is expected to well surpass US$109.44 Billion by 2019

This is not a fad.

Top Small business ideas So, thinking outside the cube, we think that the top small business ideas for 2016 and beyond are here.

Please feel free to drop us a comment and your ideas and we will be glad to discuss them.


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