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The opportunity to earn money by sharing mobile games and apps all sounds a bit far-fetched.  But in April 2017 Associated Marketing Program (AMP) went live with a business opportunity that involves earning commissions through app and game sales. Additionally, by sharing the opportunity with others you can earn a residual income through new subscriptions.

The following article was posted in recently, so I thought I would share it with you.

I have recently taken up this opportunity myself and have enjoyed ad free games with no in-app purchases.

Associated Marketing Program (AMP)

There are around 4 million Apps that can be found currently in Google Play and the Apple Store. It is not hard for good new apps with small marketing budgets to get buried deep in the pile, making it impossible for them to make a break.

AMP is a progressive group that aim to work with current and up and coming app developers to help them promote their apps and games through their massive network or associates. These associates are paid through revenue that flows from the sale of advertising, app purchase and in-app purchases.   READ MORE 

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